A Different Kind Of Repairman

My refrigerator broke down the other night.  I reach in the other night and pull out a warm beer and soggy, frozen corn.  How’s that for a gourmet meal?  Didn’t make sense – two years old, a fridge shouldn’t die that soon, should it?

I called two local repair shops who said they don’t work on Frigidaire models, but one repair shop recommended a company called Kittinger Appliance Services.  So I did.  And it was worth it.

When you find someone who works hard and does a good job, you want to tell folks about ’em.  And Larry certainly didn’t disappoint.  After I called the shop and left a message, he called me back that night and said he needed to work me in but that he’d do his best.  I didn’t hear from him Day #1, but about 8pm last night he Maytag
called me and said he had just finished up a job and would be glad to swing by now.  I was impressed – I didn’t want him coming by if it was going to be a big job, but certainly appreciated him thinking of me at the end of the day. It’s also always handy to have the nearest locksmith‘s contact details just in case.

Long story short, he showed up today.  Turns out it was a bad "timer", or something like that.  $100 and I was on my way, good as new. 

Need a good refrigerator repairman?  Know someone who does?  I’d recommend Larry Kittinger, (540) 382-3381.   Tell him I told you to call. 

Thanks, Larry.

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