The Pursuit of the Prize

Last week I wrote perfection, specifically about the New England Patriots and the fact they had been perfect through the NFL’s regular season.  Only four times has that ever been done before in the NFL, and it’s an impressive feat.

I started thinking about what it means to be perfect in real estate and while I never got around to a specific answer, I had a short conversation via email with Daniel Rothamel in Charlottesville today that got me thinking.

Daniel’s email said "One of the things I LOVE about officiating is that the "perfect game" is a moving target that is always just out of your grasp, no matter how hard you work. The definition you offer is, in fact, what ever official strives for."  Interesting …

Maybe perfection isn’t going 16-0 in the regular season.  Maybe perfection isn’t 110%.  Maybe perfection is giving it your all, giving everything you’ve got to the task at hand.  So what if the result isn’t what you expected?  Did you do all you could?  Maybe true perfection isn’t an end result at all, but instead is the pursuit of the prize.

What do you think? 

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