NRVLiving’s Softhearted Today

I’ve been riding the slopes the last few days but when I finally unbuckled my snowboard and settled on solid ground, I discovered two interesting things. 

First, in my inbox, a video from Random1TV … I loved this show when it was on TV, and wish they had never canceled it.  Talk about the ultimate "Do Unto Others" story, it’s a shame stuff like this gets taken off the tube and some of the other trash gets such heavy promotion.  But I digress …

I really think the Random1 show was one of the best I’ve ever seen, make sure to check out some of their other videos.  So worth the time.

The second was in my Twitter account – I don’t remember who posted the link, but check out  It’s an opportunity to test your vocabulary AND donate food through the United Nations.  Trust me … it’s more interesting than I was able to make it sound.