A Visit To Auz-Bloc

Img_0065Today, Steve and I headed out to Floyd to visit Bill McGuire of Auz-Bloc, the construction product we highlighted on Saturday’s NRVLiving Real Estate Show.  I had been out to the factory before but Steve hadn’t, so we hopped in the ride and took off.  Really glad we did. 

I took some photos of the facility and such and included them below.  If you have any interest at all in how you can build using an energy-efficient material that’s inexpensive, looks good and will continue to save you money in the long run, you really need to check out Auz-BlocContact Bill and let him know you heard about him through the radio show … he’ll love it!

Some blocks of various colors, stacked and curing …

Img_0069 Auz-Bloc owner Bill McGuire (left) explaining some of the properties of the block to Steve (right)

Img_0074 Enough blocks to build a new home … perhaps YOUR new home??

The Auz-Bloc truck, ready to roll …

How to find them …

(A FOLLOW UP ON 12/6/07)

Bill sent me the following file on Why To Choose Timbercrete … pretty interesting

Download why_choose_timbercrete.doc

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