SHHHH …. The NRV’s Not A Top Blogging Region, And I Like It That Way

The Scarborough Report put out its research of what the top blogging regions were across the country, and the New River Valley wasn’t on it.  Shocker!  Here’s the report

You know what?  That’s okay.  To the best of my knowledge, Aaron and I are the only two REALTOR bloggers in the area – and by "throughout the area", I mean the entire New River Valley.  In Roanoke, there might be a few – the absolute best is Marty Martin.  There are plenty of great bloggers in the area, including Pat Matthews, Tom Markiewicz, Stuart Mease and Andrew Cohill, to name a few, but none other than Aaron and I focusing on real estate. 

Why is that?  Blogging is a great tool for REALTORs to use.  For one, it allows you to tell people about what’s going on in your industry by distributing your posts to a wide audience.  It sets you aside as someone who’s intimately involved with the details of what’s happening, and I would argue that’s nothing but a good thing.  Blogging should give you credibility in the minds of consumers, although I’ll freely admit that some of my posts don’t do that!  And truthfully … it’s just fun.  It gives me the opportunity to learn more about the community I live in, to get involved and ask questions.  In the long run, that does nothing but help my clients. 

You know what?  I’m okay we didn’t make the list.  That just means Aaron and I will be the only ones blogging!

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