Saturday’s Show – 11/3/07

MicrophoneWe were jam packed today with several different topics, hope you were able to listen in.  Don’t worry if you weren’t – the full show is below.  Don’t forget, you can always stream the show every Saturday morning at 10am by visiting 810AM WPIN and clicking "Tune It".

Steve and I started off by talking a bit about selling your home during the holidays.  Sometimes, circumstances are such that it’s a necessity to sell your home during the Thanksgiving – Christmas window.  It can be a little daunting to think of having strangers traipsing through your home, but trust us – the buyers we work with during the holidays are almost ALWAYS ready, willing and able buyers.  If they’re taking the time to look at your home, make sure it’s ready to be seen!  We also covered the Fed’s October 31st rate cut, and how it’ll affect mortgage rates.  You just might be surprised to learn that it won’t have the effect you were expecting …

Finally, we were joined by Doug Fikse, president of OnQ/Legrand and future resident of Smith Mountain Lake.  Doug and his wife Polly are building a home at the Lake, and we talked with him about some of the Smart Home features he was having installed.  It’s an interesting listen for anyone who, like us, is interested in gadgets!

You can check out the show by clicking the link below, and don’t forget that you can always stream 810AM by visiting their website and clicking "Tune It".

Download saturday_show_113.m4b

See you next week, Saturday from 10:00-10:30!

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