Prices Slashed Throughout the New River Valley!

Prices are slashed, but not on houses!

Today on the show, we announced some special news that we’re excited to share!  We’ve worked out the details to continue our support of the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center by cutting ALL of the prices in the NRVLiving Store!  From today through November 30th, every item in the Store has had a major price reduction, and all proceeds from items sold will go to benefit VICCC!  When we say a major price reduction, we mean MAJOR!  BIG!  Like, you can get this stuff at almost cost!

We’re not doing this to make money, we’re doing this to support a cause we believe wholeheartedly in.  We don’t receive any money from the Store … 100% of all proceeds go to the Child Care Center, so browse through, check out some of the stuff and make sure to pick something up!  We thank you for your support of this great group of folks and the work they’re doing for underprivileged children in the New River Valley!

Visit the store by visiting!

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