10 Myths About Green Living

It should be noted I’m not the "Greenie" of the NRVLiving Real Estate Team.  That honor goes to Aaron, our resident EcoBroker.  But I do subscribe to the "when not in use turn off the juice" theory.  Hey … it’s all about baby steps, right?

Bankrate.com posted an article recently entitled "10 Myths About Green Living".  Now that Aaron is full-time mommy part-time REALTOR, I thought I’d post it for her here. 

Myth #1: Small changes don’t matter.
Myth #2: "Green" choices are painful and expensive.
Myth #3: Keeping old appliances is "greener" than buying new.
Myth #4: The U.S. needs more power plants for energy needs.
Myth #5: The cost of your commute is a fixed expense.
Myth #6: At the grocery store, eco-friendly options are expensive.
Myth #7: If an appliance is off, it’s not using power.
Myth #8: Hybrid vehicles are automatically better than nonhybrids.
Myth #9: There are millions of vehicles running on ethanol.
Myth #10: There’s only one "right" answer to your eco-dilemma.

I don’t necessarily agree with all the myths, but they’re here for you to read through and decide for yourself.

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