What’s Your Carbon Footprint?

Blacksburg recently announced it produces 780 kilotons of greenhouse gases each year.  Been pondering how much a kiloton weighs?  I thought so.  Try 2 million pounds.  So Blacksburg – little ‘ole Blacksburg – produces 1.560 billion pounds of greeShows_lose_weight_2nhouse gases a year.  Now, more than a billion of those pounds come from AEP-generated electricity, but it still seems to me like someone needs to shed a little weight. 

Going green saves the green, if you know what I mean.  Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

With Blacksburg’s focus on being a Cool-City, and with energy-efficiency being one of the hot button topics of the day, there are some easy ways to save money while making your property more efficient.  Consider programmable thermostats or motion-activated light switches, low-flow shower heads, or a new HVAC system.  Jim Duncan lists ten other ways on RealCentralVA.com, and he’s right when he says that buyers are "taking utility bills into consideration when making offers."  Just last week, I wrote one contingent upon seeing a utility bill.  Something to consider.

Discover your carbon footprint here.

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