Lights! Camera! Action!

I know I’m days behind on this … Daniel Rothamel covered it already, and numerous other sites have mentioned it, but we’ve been "plum covered up" – inside joke – these last two weeks and just haven’t gotten around to it.  But …

Sit through any meeting with multiple real estate agents in it and you’ll notice some pretty funny things.  As Daniel says, "plenty of drama, and no shortage of bizarre situations."  Very true.  The saying "it takes all kinds" is certainly true in this business, good or bad.  And this new movie, Closing Escrow, seems to find all the bad.  And it looks hilarious … check out the trailer below.

Starring Bruce Thomas, unsung hero in such classics as Beverly Hills 90210, Legally Blonde and The Bold & The Beautiful (hmmm, truthfully some of those titles could be real estate shows as well), is the "star" and I’ve got to tell you this one looks great.  You can find the DVD on Amazon, let me know what you think!