High Quality of Life, Good Job Opportunities & Low-cost of living … sound familiar?

Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford – A low-cost place to be.  From MSN comes this article showing the "tri-city" area of Blacksburg/Christiansburg/Radford to be one of the Top 10 Low-Cost Locales in the country, with a high quality of life and good job prospects.  We’re called a Flyover city, which is just fine by me.

"Blacksburg is the largest of the three communities and combines a
small-town feel and college amenities with a beautiful setting in the
Appalachian and Blue Ridge mountains. A pleasant climate and proximity
to nearby Roanoke, with its excellent arts, commerce and health care,
are perks. The wooded area lacks some big-city hustle and amenities,
and is isolated from air service. But it has a low cost of living, with
a median home price of only $197,800 and great outdoor recreation
opportunities to boot."

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