Bring Da Noise! Shut Da Window!

Interesting article on Friday of last week – yes, I’m a little late – regarding noise ordinances.  I was a little surprised to hear that Christiansburg has such an open-ended noise ordinance … "Currently, Christiansburg’s town code addresses noise under the nuisance ordinance
and simply states that ‘unreasonably loud and unnecessary noise’
constitutes a nuisance."

I can understand this woman’s concerns, and the tone that Town Manager Lance Terpenny took when he was quoted as saying "this lady won’t hear this noise forever and ever." seems a little flippant.  I mean, she wants to knit on the back deck!  Who doesn’t like to pass away a quiet Saturday morning outside with their knitting supplies?  I kid – a little bit – but I understand the Town’s point as well.  Discretion is important, as Terpenny says, but the climate in the New River Valley DOES dictate that a lot of the work be done when weather conditions are favorable.  Of course, I chuckled when Terpenny said he empathized with the contractors – of course he does, they’ve been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth or permitting fees to the Town of Christiansburg over the last few years!

Interested to hear your thoughts … what do you think?

Speaking of noise – and we hope it won’t be offensive – the NRVLiving Real Estate Team begins hosting it’s radio show cleverly titled "The NRVLiving Real Estate Show" this Saturday, August 4th at 10:00am on FOX News Radio 810AM.  Hope you’ll choose to check it out … we’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, suggestions, or better yet … Get involved!  Questions or show suggestions can be emailed to

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