On The Subject of Home Safety …

Speaking of locks and lockboxes and all of that stuff, I was reminded of another item you just might want to consider.  You’ve just closed on your dream home and you’re all excited.  The utilities were transferred into your name, your mail has been forwarded, and you’ve just dug up St. Joseph from the front yard where the old owners buried him.  What’s left?

Change the locks!  All kinds of folks have had access to your new home over the last couple of months, and it’s a good idea to go ahead and change the locks now.  Who knows?  Maybe the previous owners forgot to hand over an extra key or two – you don’t want someone else having a key to your house without knowing it, do you?  It’s a fairly inexpensive fix and ensures just a little more safety.  Go ahead – call a locksmith and sleep a little better tonight.

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