Plugging Plugoo

A little housekeeping note – every once in a while I’ll plug a service I like to use, like Jott or oobgolf.   By the way, if you haven’t signed up to track your handicap on oobgolf you really need to join while it’s still a free service! 

But I digress.  Recently added to this blog’s sidebar is Plugoo, a free messenging service you can use to contact the NRVLiving team directly, at any time!  Just pull up the blog (you’ve got it bookmarked, right?) and chat with us if we’re online … you can even send us messages if we’re offline, and we can respond quickly as it is sent directly to our Blueberry.  Just make sure to leave a way to get back in touch with you and we’ll be glad to do so!  Just another way we’re making real estate SIMPLIFIED.

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