How To Win With The Real Estate Gamble

Maybe it was the Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament I watched at lunch today or just the grilled chicken itself, but it got me thinking of some potential buyers I’ve been working with that just can’t seem to find the right time to buy.  That’s fine – we don’t push anyone into a home they don’t want, but what I was struggling with when exactly IS the right time to buy?  Then I found this article by Jonathan Greene at Real Opinionated in Tampa, who I like, and voila!  A blog topic!

Jonathan’s in a market where rampant growth has really settled down and buyers are waiting on the deals, but at what point do you stop waiting and jump in?  It’s like investing in real estate – after you’ve done your homework and scoured your potential targets, eventually you just have to pull the trigger and do it.  That’s it!  All in, throw in the chips and let’s gamble!

The truth is that real estate is still a strong investment and one of the best ways to grow wealth.  Look at all the infomercials on late-night TV, they all focus on real estate!  I won’t link to ’em here because I don’t think they’re worth anything, but nevertheless they all know the power of the real estate investment.  It doesn’t matter if you’re starting with your first home, or investing in  a multi-unit apartment building, real estate is still historically one of the strongest investments you can make.  Take advantage of that, call the market’s bluff and bet big.  We’ll show you how

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