Only 214 Shopping Days Until Christmas!

So get your area sketch now, designed by the one and only Steven White!

Steven and I have never actually met except for in the darkness of cyberspace as I troll his Flickr site looking at some of his amazing photography techniques, and when he posts on this blog.  So this is nothing more than a shameless plug for a faceless screen name that I admire.  As is the case with just about any talented artist, he can’t keep his skills refined to just one skill set and so he introduced me this afternoon to some of his amazing Pen and Watercolor sketches.  Really cool imagery of some of the areas that make the Valley so unique, and I thought I’d share a few with you here.  I believe he has some for sale, but you can also select the spot and allow him to create the piece!  Check ’em out and contact him if you’re interested … I know I’d like to pick some up and hope you will as well!

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