Remodel Like A Pro & Save THOU$AND$!!





Looks easy, doesn’t it?  Can be done in a weekend with no money down, right?  The infomercials would have you think so, sure – we’re all looking for ways to save money when we remodel our homes and investment properties, and with the number of older homes in the New River Valley I thought this piece by CNN Money was appropriate and a good way to get back to real estate this week.  The list offers 10 tips to renovation based on the show This Old House and a home they recently remodeled in East Boston, and has some really great tips on how to remodel with tremendous impact. And for that you need remodeling supplies, its important to use heavy duty surface protection when remodeling your home.

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Don’t forget to check out the before pictures to see just how far this house really came … if you’re interested, you might also want to check out for some projects that can help you and the project they did in Austin, TX and an environmentally-friendly remodel.  It’s on their home page

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  1. dave

    Don’t forget to check out an MLS for Green Energy Efficient Properties. Listed Green ascertains that all listings are truly green.

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