Hokies United – Takes on a new meaning this time

A couple of years ago, the student groups at Virginia Tech came up with a Hokies United campaign as a means of bringing everyone together.  I believe it was at the same time, that the football team created its’ Team United bracelets as a way of uniting a fractured team and ultimately, a fan base.  Yesterday in Blacksburg, that fan base wasn’t on everyone’s mind but I know it grew exponentially as events unfolded here on Virginia Tech’s campus.  In my opinion, never before has the phrase "Hokies United" ever meant more, and collegiate allegiances aside I think it’s fair to say we’re all Hokies today.  The magnitude of what has taken place here, and what is currently going on, is surreal in so many ways.  But the synergy that makes this community so wonderful to be a part of is what I believe will bring us through.  Such a shame that a tragedy like this brings the exposure that it does, but it doesn’t define this community and it never will.

The convocation service today was phenomenal … I hope to be able to get segments of video to post very soon, there were some speakers, including Governor Kaine, President Bush and Dr. Nikki Giovanni that I’d like to share with you.  A very powerful way to begin the grieving process …

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