PSSST! Guess what? You Likely Need More Homeowner’s Insurance …

Remember Rita?  Katrina?  Isabelle?

These massive storms have caused many of us to check our insurance coverage.  How much is enough?  You want to be able to completely rebuild your house if it’s destroyed, and to be able to replace everything in it.  Additionally, you’ll need coverage for living expenses should you be unable to occupy your home as a result of the disaster.  Something else to consider:  liability coverage to protect yourself should someone be injured while on your property.

Ask yourself these questions to determine if you need to re-evaluate your coverage:

  • Have you made a significant home improvement, such as a deck or some other addition?
  • Has it been more than a year since your insurer calculated your replacement cost value?
  • Have housing values in your area risen or fallen dramatically in recent months?
  • Does your policy include the value of the land beneath your house?  If so, this is likely unnecessary coverage.
  • How much will your insurer pay for specific incidents – fire, flood, or wind – if your house is destroyed?
  • What percentage of your home’s contents does your policy insure?  Most policies base their coverage on some percentage of the total replacement cost of the structure. 

The fact of the matter is, many homeowners today are underinsured.  I’d recommend contacting Eric Johnsen at State Farm and look at your own policy – when tragedy strikes a good insurance policy won’t save your home, but it will save you piece of mind.  Give him a call today.

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