Oops They Did It Again!

So they’re doing it again – another multi-use facility focused on the Virginia Tech game day crowd.  My first thought?  "Good Lord!  How many of these do we need?"  But I’m interested in seeing what they come up with.

Touted as a $60 million sports condominium hotel, developed by Unlimited Construction in Radford, the complex should have a clubhouse, day spa … even a wedding chapel?  Interesting – can we advertise "stay in your $800000 penthouse suite, get an Aryuvedic head massage and then hitched?"  Yes, they’re even adding a wedding chapel.

In the last three years we’ve seen:  Cascades and Cascades Pointe Condominiums, The Heights, Clay Court,  Kent Square, even Holiday Inn is getting into the act.   And they’re not alone – real estate developers across the country are aiming multi-use "game-day" condos at the alumni base of many universities.  And they’re hitting it big – check out The Legends of Blacksburg.   What do you think?  Without a doubt it’s a hot topic right now nationally, and certainly here in Blacksburg centered around Virginia Tech.  I look forward to your comments …

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