Ice Cream & Children

Many of you have read posts I’ve done before regarding the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center and it’s work with the children of working families here in the New River Valley.  It’s an organization my wife and I support wholeheartedly in a number of ways, and we’d like to invite you to get involved as well.  It’s very easy, Fcd_2007and won’t take much time … and it involves ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s in Blacksburg is having a FREE CONE day on Tuesday, April 17th from noon to 8pm.  For the entire
month of April, proprietors Alan and Shannon Sherman are donating all tips received to VICCC, which is already a huge gift.  But to take it one step further, on April 17th the cost of the cone will be zilch, zero, nothing – as in FREE.

So come on by and enjoy some ice cream on the Kent Square patio – and feel free to lick your fingers!

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