Shiny New Car …

have you had a bicycle accident? I was recently involved in an auto accident.  Nothing major, but I was hit by someone here in Blacksburg on the driver’s side of the car, and the car had some serious boo-boos, it was an rear ended accident, where I ended up being the victim.  The rear left door was damaged, the quarter panel … even the rear wheel was hit, and all of a sudden squeaks and rattles I’d never heard before were exposed.  I needed help, but I’d never had to have major body work done before, so like any other newbie I asked around.  Come to find out, there was a body shop in Blacksburg – we’ll call them RICE’S – that almost everyone recommended and who worked with the other driver’s insurance carrier.  I kid you not, if I asked 10 people 9 said to call Rice’s.  So off we went … I met with the guy at Rice’s that does estimates and was immediately at ease.  He explained what he’d be replacin’, tightenin’, paintin’ and fixin’, and I just knew it was going to be as good as new when I got it back. Be sure to visit It had a big help.

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So after 11 days of driving what I affectionately referred to as my Hot Red Taurus,  I picked up my car this morning and she looks good as new!  Showroom condition, in fact, with a fresh coat of paint, some new body parts and a whole lot of glam.  Impressed already, Rice’s told me they’d call me soon to come in to replace one more piece – the tiniest of pieces – ’cause they just didn’t like the way it looked and they had already ordered another.  Great, I’m sold!  And oh by the way … they gave me an alignment, as well.  I’m good to go.

What’s the point?  Well, I got to thinking that a mechanic who everyone trusts and respects is kind of like a REALTOR.  Sometimes houses get banged up as well; they need a fresh coat of paint, and a little glam before they get put on the market, and you don’t always know which REALTOR to turn to.  Heck, there are almost 700 in the New River Valley alone, how do you decide who to use?  Well, for starters, if you’re looking for someone who knows how to leverage technology to market properties – say, by having a blog, for example – then maybe that’s someone you need to talk to.  But ask around, see who everyone refers … you just might get a shiny new house out of the deal.

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