Lock Bumping Revisited

A few weeks ago, I wrote about lock bumping and the potential for intruders to gain access to your home with nothing more than a simple, specialized key.  Scary stuff.  Yesterday, I was contacted by Wholesalelocks.com – they had read my post and wanted to provide further information on lock bumping and how to combat it.  And, of course, I’m sure they’d love for you to check out their products, as well!  Thanks to Dave Jabas for his contribution, and now without further adieu …

Safeguard Your Home and Business against Lock Bumping

The videos on lock bumping are all over the Internet and on local news stations throughout the country. It is becoming common knowledge how to bypass a lock using the method called lock bumping.  The spread of this information is causing great concern for individual safety and security for home and business.

As a security professional, I am often asked, “Can people really open locks that easy?” “Should I be concerned?” “What can I do about it?” and “What do you recommend?”

The method of lock bumping using bump keys has been around for many years.  The recent spread of this information on lock bumping across the Internet and the news has increased the use of this technique for illegal purposes, and now requires individuals to take precautionary action to protect themselves and their property.

In addition to the security concern, there is an insurance issue.  If your home or businesses is burglarized and there are no signs of forced entry, does your insurance cover the loss?  If the method used to break into your home or business was the lock bumping method, the signs of forced entry would likely be minimal and might not even be visible.

Installing bump proof locks will provide better safety and security. One of the best bump proof locks on the market is the BiLock cylinder. Most locks have both top and bottom pins and locks with top pins are susceptible to lock bumping. BiLock is a 12 pin locking system with no top pins. The BiLock cylinder also has two  sidebars and a trigger mechanism within the key. BiLock is also a restricted key, high security system which allows you to have greater key control. These lock cylinders can be purchased as part of the deadbolt or door knob lock. They can be added to most commercial locks and some residential locks without having to replace the entire deadbolt or door knob.

For homeowners, the easiest solution is to purchase the deadbolt with the Bilock cylinder and replace your existing deadbolt.  This is normally a simple installation and usually fits within the existing holes currently on the door.

The BiLock lock system with its patented U-shaped key design and trigger mechanism within the key, require two proprietary key machines to produce a key. These key machines are only available to authorized BiLock dealers, and helps eliminate unauthorized key duplication. This provides another layer of security knowing that no one has copied the key to your home or business. All keys are numbered at the time they are issued. Simply keep an accurate record of the distribution of your keys – as long as all keys can be accounted for, there is no need to change the locks.

The cost to upgrade your locks to prevent lock bumping is more than your average lock but it is a worthwhile investment to maintain the security of your home or business. The cost is small when compared to a denied claim for loss from your insurance company!

When the BiLock lock system is installed on your home or business, you can rest assured knowing that you have bump proof locks on your door.

Dave Jabas
Lock expert with 30 years experience, specializing in door hardware, door locks and bump proof locks for residential and commercial applications.
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