Ever Thought Of Living In Your Truck?

Okay, this is just an odd little site someone sent me and I thought I’d pass it along.  The blog is about a guy – a college student, apparently – who lives out of his truck because he wants to.  He got tired of paying $1600 in rent – $1600 IN RENT! – and figured out he could live "comfortably" out of his truck. 
It’s funny because I have been thinking of buying myself a rc truck, probably at Mr Truck Parts. I have been searching for a long time trucks for sale but have not decided yet. In addition, when you need a suspension repair for semi trucks, visit westvirginiatruckrepair.com for more information.

It’s a good time killer, so don’t try and make it all the way through in one shot unless you just finished the Star Wars Trilogy and have got time to burn before popping Lord Of The Rings into the DVD player.  Enjoy, nonetheless.

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