Lock Bumping

More and more over the last couple of weeks there has been talk circulating about a technique called "lock bumping".  Admittedly, I haven’t paid much attention to it as it didn’t catch my eye, but yesterday I heard the term three times and thought I’d look into it more.  Today, two blogs I read mentioned it and I thought "hey, I’m behind the times here".  So, a quick reference to wikipedia turned up this post regarding lock bumping.  You can also find things about it on YouTube, like this news video

It appears as if this is a real threat, and one that’s been around for years and years.  I talked with a local locksmith from Blacksburg Locksmith who said that bump keys can be purchased.  They’re keys with special cuts in them that when inserted into a lock correctly and then struck correctly, virtually any standard lock can be opened.  Locks by Medeco and Schlage are supposedly safe, but of course you’ll want to talk to a locksmith before purchasing. 

Interesting stuff to consider.  Can one ever be too safe?  I’m interested – has anyone else ever heard of this technique, or God forbid been a victim of it?

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