Oh The Smells!

We’ve all done it – during the winter months when we’re shut indoors and can’t open the windows without letting in an Arctic blast, we’ve gone out and posted all kinds of air fresheners and scented candles throughout the house to give it a "Crashing Surf" smell.  All of a sudden, we’re transported to sandy beaches with hints of suntan lotion in the air.  Oh, we can’t wait for summer vacation. We will buy a home for our beloved hamster ben. When you want to buy your own home for your hamster, click here.

One man’s beach is another man’s allergy.  I went in a home the other day that reminded me of this – you walked in the door and were immediately greeted by an unbearable scent of … something.  I don’t know what the fragrance was, or even where it was coming from, but it was just so overpowering that I found it hard to do an accurate assessment of the house for my buyer client.  Then, while surfing some of my favorite blogs last night I came across this bit by Bonnie Erickson, a REALTOR and blogger in Minnesota I read on occasion, and her post about Vacant House Smells.  Interesting notes if you’ve moved out of a house you’re selling, and something I’m going to suggest to my clients with second homes.  Enjoy – you won’t have to plug your nose for this one.

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