$2466 Raised Saturday Night!

Thank you once again to each and every one of you who attended our second annual silent auction to benefit the Valley Interfaith Child Care Center!  In the coming days we will be posting more information about the event, hopefully with some pictures included, but for now know that you’re all so incredibly generous for your support!  More information to come …

As mentioned on Saturday night, in addition to the more than $8000.00 in aid per child per year that comes from government agencies and private organizations, it takes another $4000.00 from individuals like you and I to continue to provide children of working families a safe and caring environment in which to develop.  If you would like a pledge card to contribute throughout 2007, we’ll have them posted here in the coming days but in the meantime please email me and I’ll make sure one is sent to you. 

Thanks for your support!

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